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The project logo Resident Survey

The project logo Resident Survey

As a resident of an area served by the NC Ferry Division, please take a moment to provide responses to the following questions which will assist us in planning for the future.

1. As a resident, please indicate which ferries you use most often. (select all that apply)
Currituck / Knotts Island
Hatteras / Ocracoke
Hatteras / Ocracoke Express Passenger Ferry
Swan Quarter / Ocracoke
Cedar Island / Ocracoke
Bayview / Aurora
Minnesott / Cherry Branch
Southport / Fort Fisher
Closed to responses
2. For what purpose do you typically use the ferry system? (Select all that apply)
Travel to / from work
Travel to / from school
Medical Appointments
Non-commute work-related travel
Recreational activities
Visit family or friends
Closed to responses
3. How frequently do you use the ferry system?
I have never used it.
1-12 times per year
1-4 days per month
1-2 days per week
3-4 days per week
5 or more days a week
Closed to responses
4. Do you think the current ferry schedule accommodates your needs?
Yes, I have sufficient choices in departure times
No, I feel more departure times are needed
No, I feel departure times should be adjusted
I am unsure
Closed to responses
5. On occasion the Ferry Division removes vessels from service for maintenance or in response to urgent needs on other routes. This often goes unnoticed but can impact the customer. Has a change in vessel ever caused a disruption to your trip?
Yes - it has disrupted my travel
No - it has not disrupted my travel
Closed to responses
6. If the ferry hadn't been available today, would you have still made your trip?
Yes, I would have made the trip
No, I would not have made the trip
Closed to responses
7. What type of amenities would you like to see on the ferry? (Select all that apply)
Alcohol sales
Additional vending/concessions
Bike rack
TV with informational content
Satellite TV
Better seating accommodations
Charging ports for phones and other devices
Electric vehicle charging port
Closed to responses
8. Have you encountered any maintenance issues on the vessel or at the terminal recently?
Restroom Facilities
Vending Area
Seating Area
Visitor Center
Closed to responses
9. How would you describe your interaction with ferry staff at the terminal and on the vessel?
Overall positive
Overall negative
Neither positive or negative
No Interaction
Closed to responses
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The following questions are voluntary and are only used to assist us to better tailor our future outreach methods.


What is your age?
Under 18
Over 75
Prefer not to answer
Closed to responses
What is your race/ethnicity?
Black or African-American
Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish
American Indian or Alaska Native
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
I prefer not to answer
Closed to responses
What is your gender?
Do not identify as male, female, or transgender
Prefer not to answer
Closed to responses
What is your highest formal education level?
High School/GED
Some College
Associate's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate or Professional Degree
Prefer not to answer.
Closed to responses
Please enter you home zip code.