Project Overview:


The N.C. Department of Transportation proposes improvements to N.C. 305 in Northampton County from the Seaboard Town Limits to the Hertford County line, a distance of approximately 24 miles. The project will not add additional through lanes but will provide consistent 11-foot travel lanes on the existing two-lane road, along with wider shoulders. The purpose of the project is to upgrade the roadway, with the improvements aiding in the safety and operation of traffic along N.C. 305.

The project includes improvements to several intersections, minor curve realignments, adding a center turn lane in the vicinity of Central Elementary School, adding guardrail in some locations, and the replacement of all culverts, some cross pipes, and two bridges. The existing pavement on N.C. 305 in Jackson will have at least part of its surface removed (referred to as “milling”) and new pavement added, while the remaining roadway within the project limits will be re-paved.  The Flythe Street connection to N.C. 305 in Jackson will be removed and the adjacent sidewalk replaced. Curb and gutter and sidewalk replacement is proposed in the Town of Rich Square east of Short Street and at the northeast corner of the N. Main Street intersection.

Two bridges over the Urahaw Swamp, located approximately two miles north of Rich Square, will be replaced in their existing locations. During construction of the new bridges, traffic will be maintained along N.C. 305 using one lane for two-way traffic, with traffic controlled by a temporary signal.


Project Highlights:


  • Will upgrade N.C. 305 in Northampton County from Seaboard Town Limits to Hertford County line
  • Provides consistent 11-foot travel lanes on the existing two-lane road, and 2-foot paved shoulders within an overall 4 to 8-foot shoulder width
  • Improves five intersections, provides minor curve realignments, and replaces all culverts and some cross pipes
  • Replaces two bridges over Urahaw Swamp


Planned Intersection Improvement Locations

  • Jackson By-Pass Road (S.R. 1311)
  • Pleasant Grove Road (S.R. 1314)
  • U.S. 158
  • Dusty Hill Road (S.R. 1501)
  • Lasker Road (S.R. 1503)


Project History:

The planning phase for this project began in 2017, and a public meeting was held in March 2018 to present information about the proposed improvements to the community. Comments provided by the public, local leaders, and resource agencies were used to refine the designs to minimize impacts. In 2019, planning for the project was temporarily put on hold due to budget constraints; however, work resumed in early 2021. 

Public Input:

Comments from the public were submitted to NCDOT by December 15.


Project Maps:

Bold numbers on overview maps (Maps 1,2 and 3) correspond to individual section maps. 

Once opened, clicking on the Bold number will open the individual map

Map 1  N.C. 305 from Hertford County line to 1 mile past Harrington Road  (10 maps in one file) 

Map 2  N.C. 305 from 1 mile past Harrington Road to half mile on Jefferson Street (U.S. 158)  (15 maps in one file) 

Map 3  N.C. 305 from half mile onto Jefferson Street to Harris Street (15 maps in one file) 


If you prefer not to open the entire map group above, you can select individual maps by location using the table below


Individual maps by location can be viewed by clicking on the Map number to the right of the name

Rich Square 

West of Eagletown Road

   Map 4      Map 5

Lovers Lane Road

   Map 6

Main Street 

   Map 7      Map 8      Map 9

Harrington Road

   Map 10

Pinners Church Road

   Map 11      Map 12

Griffin Road 

   Map 13      Map 14

Lasker Road 

   Map 15      Map 16      Map 17      Map 18

Braswell Road

   Map 19


Dusty Hill Road 

   Map 20      Map 21      Map 22      Map 23    

John Darden Road

   Map 24      Map 25

N.C. 305 at U.S. 158

   Map 26

North Church Street 

   Map 27

Landfill Road

   Map 28      Map 29      Map 30

Pleasant Grove Road

   Map 31      Map 32      Map 33      Map 34

Jackson Bypass Road

   Map 35      Map 36      Map 37


Elm Street

   Map 38      Map 39      Map 40


Project Funding:                                           

R-5757 is listed in the State Transportation Improvement Program and funded for $ 52.15 million. 


 Estimated Amount*

  Property Acquisition

$   1,525,000            

  Utilities Relocation$   4,122,000            

  Construction Costs

$ 54,700,000            

   Total Cost

$ 60,347,000             

* As shown in the currently adopted State Transportation Improvement Program - Subject to change

Project Timeline:





 Public Outreach

November 2021

 Newsletter Update

November 2021

 Signed Environmental Document  March 2022

 Right of Way 

 July 2022     


August 2024     

 As shown in the currently adopted State Transporation Improvement Program - Subject to change


All comments will be taken into consideration, and carry equal weight, regardless of submittal method  


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Project Contact Information:

John Abel, Jr.

NCDOT Highway Division 1

 Project Manager

113 Airport Drive, Suite 100

Edenton, NC 27932


Project Consultant Information:

Brandon Johnson PE

Summit Engineering

Project Manager 

100 E. Six Forks Road, Suite 300

Raleigh, NC 27609


Project Email Address:



Although the N.C. Department of Transportation works to minimize the number of homes and businesses displaced by a road project, it is inevitable, in many cases, that a certain amount of private property is needed. The following information explains right of way acquisition and answers questions about the process.  

Right-of-Way Brochure Single Page Layout      Folleto del Proceso de Adquisición de Bienes Raíces
Right-of-Way Frequently Asked Questions

Right of way Acquisition Process Videos

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