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The project logo I-5712: I-40/Sandy Ridge Road Interchange

The project logo I-5712: I-40/Sandy Ridge Road Interchange

Preliminary Engineering Activities for this project
have resumed.

The proposed project involves improving the I-40/SandyRidge Road (S.R. 1850) interchange in Guilford County. Sandy Ridge Road and the interchange bridge will be widened approximately 700 ft. from Norcross Road to north of Cider Road. Improvements to turn lanes, interchange ramps, signal upgrades, and storage lanes are also included. Additionally, improvements to Farrington Road and Triad Drive will be completed to ensure access.

Vicinity Map:



Purpose and Need: 

The primary purpose of this project is to improve traffic flow and safety at the interchange and to accommodate the increased development and traffic growth that is occurring in the surrounding areas. 

Completion of the proposed project will help provide safe and efficiently operating transportation facilities, not only for vehicles, but pedestrians and bicycles as well. This project will also help reduce conflict points at driveways and intersections, thereby improving circulation and mobility while reducing congestion.


Project Overview

The proposed improvements include:

·  Widening of Sandy Ridge Road and the interchange bridge from Norcross Road to just north of Cider Road.

·  Improvements to turn lanes, interchange ramps, signal upgrades, and storage lanes

· Improvements to Farrington Road and Triad Drive to ensure access


This project appears in the 2018-2027 Greensboro Urban Area MPO Transportation Plan. This interchange study  began in 2016 and was purposed to improve the traffic flow on Sandy Ridge Road while not impairing traffic on I-40. Several alternate interchange designs were studied; however were not viable due to fatal flaws, performance issues, and/or unfavorable interactions with I-40. Improvements to the existing diamond interchange design emerged as the clear preferred alternative to carry forward.  


Public Involvement


Public Meeting:

A public meeting was held on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 to present project maps and receive public input.



   May 21, 2019

Shady Grove Wesleyan Church

119 N. Bunker Hill Road

Colfax, NC 27235   

  Begin Time

 4 p.m.

  End Time

 7 p.m.



Public Meeting Map:

I-40/Sandy Ridge Road Interchange Map



Project Funding: 

This project is listed as Project No. I-5712 in the N.C. Department of Transportation's State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and is funded for $15.8 million.  


 Estimated Amount*


  $     200,000


  $  7,700,000

   Construction Costs

  $  7,900,000

   Total Cost

  $ 15,800,000

* Estimated costs are subject to change. Based on NCDOT STIP.

Project Timeline: 




   Public Meeting

     Spring 2019

   Environmental Document - Categorical Exclusion

   Summer 2019


   Spring 2020


   Winter 2022

* Future dates are preliminary and subject to change

Project Comments: 

The public comment period closed June 21, 2019.

All comments will be taken into consideration as the project progresses.


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Project Contact Information:

Gene Tarascio

Project Manager

NCDOT Project Management Unit

1595 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699

[email protected]

(919) 707-6046


Although the N.C. Department of Transportation works to minimize the number of homes and businesses displaced by a road project, it is inevitable, in many cases, that a certain amount of private property is needed. The following information explains right of way acquisition and answers questions about the process.  


Relocation Assistance Brochure                                                 Asistencia para Reubicación      
Right-of-Way Acquisition Process Brochure                             Folleto del Proceso de Adquisición de Bienes Raíces
Right-of-Way Frequently Asked Questions