Lee County Transportation Survey

The Transportation Planning Division of the North Carolina Department of Transportation, in cooperation with Lee County and the Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization, is developing a Comprehensive Transportation Plan for the County. A Comprehensive Transportation Plan is a long-range planning document that will assist local governments in making transportation decisions for the next 25-30 years. Your participation is essential in identifying transportation needs for Lee County. 

*This online survey will close after March 29, 2019*

1. Which THREE of the following are most important to you?
Maintenance of Existing Facilities (Repairs and regular general upkeep of existing roads, bridges and sidewalks; no new roads)
Improve Connectivity (More East-West road connections, sidewalks to schools and downtown, etc.)
Reduce Intersection Gridlock (Reduce wait times at intersections, better signal synchronization, roundabouts)
Residential Growth (New and improved roads, sidewalks, bike trails to attract residents)
Improve Safety (Speed limits, intersections, road conditions, site distance, traffic accidents, etc.)
Transportation Access for Special Needs Citizens (Expand transportation for elderly, low-income residents and those with disabilities)
Economic Growth (New and improved roads, railways, and aviation to attract and expand businesses)
More Efficient Travel Times (Roads with more lanes and fewer intersections, superstreets, express bus services, etc.)
Expand Public Transit Options (County of Lee Transit System (COLTS) service to more destinations, park ā€˜nā€™ ride lots, etc.)
Environmental Protection (Protect wetlands, streams and wildlife, reduce air and noise pollution)
More Transportation Choices (More ways to get places-- buses, sidewalks, bike trails, etc.)
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