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The project logo I-3306A: I-40 Widening - Orange County

The project logo I-3306A: I-40 Widening - Orange County

Preliminary Engineering Activities for this project
have been suspended.


The N.C. Department of Transportation is proposing the widening of 11.4 miles of I-40 between I-85 and the Durham County Line in Orange County. The interstate would be widened by one lane in each direction to bring the highway up to three lanes each way, improving traffic flow along that corridor and helping relieve heavy congestion that develops during commuter times. The project would also improve the N.C. 86 exit and sections of that highway for several hundred feet both north and south of the interchange.


Vicinity Map:

Purpose and Need

The purpose of the proposed project is to relieve peak hour congestion on this facility such that a level of service (LOS) D or better can be maintained for the 2040 build condition.  Other desired outcomes would be to improve the traffic flow and continuity between the existing eight-lane section at the beginning of the project (I-85) and the six-lane section at the end of the project (Durham County Line). 

Improving travel conditions on I-40 to a Level of Service “D” or better throughout this portion of the freeway from I-85 to the Durham County Line, will have a direct and positive impact on traffic flow and continuity experienced by the public using this corridor. Daily commuting between points west of I-85 and U.S. 15-501 should also experience fewer delays.

Project Overview:

The I-3306A project has now been divided into three different sections as described below:

  • I-3306AA: Widening of I-40 from I-85 to NC 86

  • I-3306AB: Widening of I-40 from NC 86 to the Durham County Line

  • I-3306AC: I-40 at NC 86 Interchange Improvements


Traffic Noise Summary

During planning and design for highway projects, NCDOT must identify traffic noise impacts, examine potential noise abatement, incorporate feasible and reasonable noise abatement measures, and coordinate with local officials to provide helpful information on compatible land use planning and control. The procedures for doing this are stipulated by Federal regulation (23 CFR 772) and the NCDOT Traffic Noise Policy.

NCDOT has performed preliminary noise analyses for this project and an initial Traffic Noise Report has been prepared.  In this study, noise walls were evaluated at 16 locations along the I-3306A project.  Of these, 4 preliminarily meet feasibility and reasonableness criteria. These 4 locations are shown in red hatching as potential noise abatement areas on the updated public hearing maps shown below.   As part of the project’s final design activities, additional noise studies will be conducted to identify recommended noise wall locations.

Once recommended noise wall locations are identified during final design, all property owners and tenants who are benefitted by a wall will be asked to vote on the wall.  At that time, NCDOT will contact property owners and tenants who are eligible to vote and explain the balloting process and what they are being asked to vote on.   Only recommended noise walls that pass this voting process will be constructed. 

An important concept in Federal regulation and in the NCDOT Traffic Noise Policy is the Date of Public Knowledge, which stipulates when NCDOT is and is not responsible for providing noise abatement.   The Date of Public Knowledge of the location and potential noise impacts for this project will be the approval date of the Categorical Exclusion (CE). The CE was approved on March 29, 2019.  NCDOT is not responsible for evaluating or implementing any noise walls to protect developed lands that did not have building permits issued before the Date of Public Knowledge.  NCDOT advocates use of local government authority to regulate land development, planning, design and construction in such a way that noise impacts are minimized.


Traffic Noise Report (TNR)

The Traffic Noise Report for I-3306A is available here


Environmental Document

The Environmental Document for I-3306A is available here


Public Involvement

Public Meetings

The first public meeting was held in June 2014.

The second public meeting was held on Thursday, January 24, 2019.

                     Public Meeting Comment Summary


Public Meeting Maps    (Updated to show Potential Noise Abatement Areas):

Map 1:  I-40 at I-85

Map 2:  Old N.C. 86 Vicinity

Map 3:  New Hope Church Rd Vicinity

Map 4:  N.C. 86 Vicinity

Map 5:  Sunrise Rd Vicinity

Map 6:  Erwin Rd Vicinity


Project Funding: 

This project is listed as Project No. I-3306A in the N.C. Department of Transportation's State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and is funded for $160.2 million.  


 Estimated Amount*

  Estimated Schedule*

   I-3306 Section AA

  $ 58.6  million  

  Right of Way 2020

  Construction 2022

   I-3306 Section AB

  $ 56.8  million  

  Right of Way 2020

  Construction 2022

   I-3306 Section AC

 $ 41.0  million  

  Right of Way 2020

  Construction 2023

* Estimated costs and schedules are based on the 2020-2029 STIP and are subject to change. 



Project Timeline: 



   Public Meeting #1

   June 2014

   Public Meeting #2

   January 24, 2019

   Environmental Document- Categorical Exclusion

  March 2019

* Future dates are preliminary and subject to change



Gene Tarascio

Project Manager

NCDOT Project Management Unit

1595 Mail Service Center 

Raleigh, NC  27699-1595

[email protected]  


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Although the N.C. Department of Transportation works to minimize the number of homes and businesses displaced by a road project, it is inevitable, in many cases, that a certain amount of private property is needed. The following information explains right of way acquisition and answers questions about the process.  


Relocation Assistance Brochure                                         Asistencia para Reubicación      
Right-of-Way Acquisition Process Brochure                    Folleto del Proceso de Adquisición de Bienes Raíces
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