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The project logo Division of Aviation: UAS Integration Pilot Program Community Survey

The project logo Division of Aviation: UAS Integration Pilot Program Community Survey

In May 2018, the Federal Aviation Administration selected the N.C. Department of Transportation as one of 10 participants in its Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Pilot Program. Through this initiative NCDOT plans to provide commercial drone delivery service for on-demand food delivery and to set up a network of medical distribution centers that can use drones to make medical deliveries. This will test drone operations that go beyond a pilot’s visual line of sight, but more importantly, it will help improve healthcare access for all North Carolinians. 

NCDOT and its partners began making medical package delivery flights on the campus of WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh in early 2019.  The next phase of the program, food delivery in Holly Springs, is in the works and should launch during the second half of 2019.


NCDOT UAS Program Website

FAA Integration Pilot Program Website

What is your zip code?
How familiar are you with drone technology?
Not at all familiar
Slightly familiar
Very familiar
Extremely familiar
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Do you have a drone and if so, how do you use it?
Drone-specific business (e.g. sell drones, services with drones, or technology designed for drones)
To support my business (e.g. drone footage of a house you are selling)
I don’t have a drone, but I want one
I don’t plan on owning one
Select a response
Which drone operations would you like to learn more about? (Choose as many as you like)
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In which of the following situations do you think drones could be useful/helpful? (Choose as many as you like)
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If the option existed, would you request food delivery by drone to your home?
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How comfortable are you with drones flying near or over your home?
Not comfortable
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Very comfortable
Extremely comfortable
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In which locations do you think the use of drones would be safe or appropriate? (Choose as many as you like)
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How concerned are you about drone use in your community?
Not concerned
Slightly concerned
Very concerned
Extremely concerned
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What are your concerns about drone use? Please rank your top 3 concerns (1 being the most important and 3 least important).
Do you feel the benefits resulting from drone usage outweigh these concerns?
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Any additional comments?
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