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The N.C. Department of Transportation is proposing to close the existing at-grade railroad crossings of Glover Road, Wrenn Road and Ellis Road along the North Carolina Railroad Company NCRR corridor in Durham.  The project prposes to construct bridges which will separate vehicular traffic from passenger and freight trains.

Over the last 30 years, ten train/vehicular crashes have occureed at these three at-grade crossing including one which resulted in two fatalities.  Once the project is complete, it will improve vehicular safey by significantly reducing the rislk for train/vehicular collisions at the crossings.  The project is consistent wiht NCDOT's on-going effort to improve railroad crossing safety through the closure and consolidation of crossing, improving crossing protection with channelization and four-quadrant gates, aconstructing grade separations, and education efforts.

The NCRR corridor is a 317-mile long railroad corridor connecting Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham, and Raleigh to the State Port at Morehead City. 

Currently, 10-16 trains pass through these three crossings each day, including six Amtrak trains.  Two additional passenger train roundtrips are planned between Raleigh and Charlotte in the near future.  Up to 18 passenger trains are proposed to pass through the railroad crossings by 2035. 

Without the proposed project, the additional passenger trains and expected growth in freight train volumes will result in an increased risk of collisions between vehicles and trains. 






* This map for general information only.  



The study area is a geographical area in which information on Human and Natural Environmental features are gathered during the preliminary planning process. 

Project Status

NCDOT is evaulating various alternatives to improve safety along the NCRR corridor from just north of Glover Road to T.W. Alexander Drive in Durham County.  The project is included in the 2018-2027 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) as Project Number P-5706.

The project consists of the following components.

  • Closure of the a-grade railroad crossings at Glover Road, Wrenn Road, and Ellis Road
  • Construction of a new overpass carrying Glover Road over the NCRR corridor and Angier Avenue
  • Construction of additional roadway improvements to insure connectivity to the existing roadway network
  • Construction of a railroad siding adjacent to the existing tracks along the NCRR corridor to enable trains to pass each other

Project History

The Durham Traffic Separation Study (TSS) was initiated in 2011 to evaluate traffic patterns and collect railroad crossing information along the NCRR Corridor from Neal Road in west Durham to Cornwallis Road in Research Triangle Park.  The goal of the study was to identify interim and long-term improvements to enhance safety at the crossings. A series of public meetings were conducted between November 2011 and November 2013 to solicit input from the public and gather feedback on the recommended improvements.  The study was concluded in March 2014.

The study recommended the closure of the Glover Road, Ellis Road, and Wrenn Road railroad crossings.  The study also recommended constructing bridges at Glover and Ellis Roads to separate vehicular traffic from train traffic.

A copy of the study is available here.

The project is listed as Project P-5706 in the 2018-2027 STIP and is funded for $49,280,000


Activity         Estimated Cost*
  Project Development and Design   $    1,000,000 
  Right of Way Acquisition $    9,000,000 
  Construction Costs   $   42,400,000
  Total Cost $   52,400,000


* Estimated Costs as shown in Current 2018-2027 STIP and are subject to change


Activity         Estimated Cost*
  Environmental Document Winter 2019
  Right of Way Acquisition 2023
  Construction 2026


* Future dates subject to change



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Rail Division - Planning and Development Branch Stantec Consulting Services, Inc
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