I-5870: Glenwood Avenue / Ridge Road

The NC Department of Transportation is studying a recommended project for the I-440/U.S. 1 Beltline at Ridge Road and U.S. 70 (Glenwood Avenue).  The proposed project will provide a new connection to Crabtree Valley Avenue from I-440, providing a new direct access to Crabtree Valley Mall and surrounding areas.  

The project is the result of a 2011 City of Raleigh Crabtree Valley Transportation Study entitled "Vision for the Valley."  

The project is intended to address congestion and safety concerns at both the I-440 and Glenwood Avenue interchange and at the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Blue Ridge/Lead Mine Roads. The project also includes the replacement of bridge #494 on Blue Ridge Road over Crabtree Creek (STIP project B-5676).  





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The study area is a geographical area in which information on Human and Natural Environmental features are gathered during the preliminary planning process. 

Project Status

NCDOT is working on studies that will identify interchange design options that will best address the needs of the project study area.  Once the initial studies are complete, the project team will begin developing alternatives for the public to review and  requesting comments.

The project is following a study process outlined by the National Environmental Policy Act, a law that requires NCDOT to study and document the environmental effects of the proposed project.   

Project History

In March 2011, the City of Raleigh completed a feasiblity study that identified the critical transportation needs in the Crabtree Valley area and recommended options for addressing those needs.  A copy of this study is available on the City of Raleigh Website. here.  The study was used to identify project I-5870 in NCDOT's State Transporation Improvement Program.  NCDOT is collecting all new data and will be developing new alternatives which will be presented to the public for review and comment. 

What is a Feasibility Study? 

A study undertaken to:

  • identify the needs for the project
  • describe the proposed project
  • develop initial alternatives that could address the needs for the project
  • identify preliminary costs 
  • identify potential impacts
  • identfy any potential problems that may require consideration in the planning and design phases

A feasibility study does not do exhaustive human and natural environmental analysis, nor does it provide detailed designs and it does not determine the alternative to be constructed.  The current NCDOT project will do exhaustive analysis, develop detailed designs and determine the alternative to be constructed.  NCDOT considers safetycosts, traffic service, social and natural resource impacts, and public comments in making decisions.



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